Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Roger Clemens, 2001 New York Yankees

Note: This stupidly angry post may not be suitable for children, the elderly, or members of the Roger Clemens legal defense team.

Inflated record (20-3) pitching for the richest, most mercenary teams in baseball? Check. Acting like a whiny, prissy, cry-baby bitch-cakes douche? Check. So what's so strange about this season? Well, I'm glad you asked. This was the year the "Rocket" became the first 20 game winner to not throw a single complete game. Combine Roger's porcelain arm with his 3.51 ERA and it looks like he could challenge Vuckovich and Colon for the worst Cy Young-winning season in history. Bastard.

Special 2001 Cy Young Supplement:
Roger Clemens, 5.4 WAR (87% Cy Young share, 17% MVP share)
Mike Mussina: 6.5 WAR (1% Cy Young share, 0% MVP share)

20+ wins, 0 complete games

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