Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jack Heidemann, 1970 Cleveland Indians

A year after Fernandez' spent a half-season impersonating Nick Swisher, Jack Heidemann set out to show off his best Neifi Perez. Now, nobody expected Heidemann, a light-hitting shortstop from Brenham, Texas, to set the world aflame with his bat. One would think, however, that the 1967 first-round draft pick might at least hit LIKE A SHORTSTOP. Rather, Heidemann seemed bent on trying to prove that he too could be a slugger, leading the league in sacrifice flies (a stat normally reserved for sluggers). It should be noted, however, that these sacrifice flies, which presumably netted Heidemann 10 RBI, were accumulated by a man who only collected 37 RBI all season! Heidemann, in turn, became the first player in history to collect 10 or more sac flies and have fewer than 40 RBI. This, of course, begs the questions: (1) How the hell did Heidemann get more sac flies than teammates Vada Pinson and Graig Nettles and (2) What was manager Alvin Dark smoking?

10+ sacrifice flies, 40- runs batted in

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