Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scott Williamson, 2000 Cincinnati Reds

I like Scott Williamson a lot. The 1999 All-Star and NL Rookie of the Year was a throwback to old-school Hoyt Wilhelm- and Mike Marshall- type pitchers who could toss a ton of innings in relief, serve as closer, and even start in a pinch. Williamson pitched in 110 games in his first two seasons, going 17-15 with 25 saves and 243 strikeouts over 205.1 innings. So what's the record this man among men set? Well, I'm aggrieved to tell you it is an ignominious (though perhaps incidental) one. In the '00 season, Williamson became the first pitcher to throw 20 or more wild pitches (21) in under 115 innings (112.0). Considering Williamson's very healthy career total of wild pitches (72), in over just 439.1 innings of work, this may have only been the nature of the flame-throwing beast. His 3.29 ERA and 1.491 WHIP certainly paint a confusing picture as to how effective he was. Or maybe I'm just kidding myself.

20+ wild pitches, 115- innings pitched

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