Saturday, August 29, 2009

Miguel Dilone, 1978 Oakland Athletics

Base stealers get triples, right? Lance Johnson, Christian Guzman, Jimmy Rollins, Brett Butler-mad wheels on all of them. So what the hell was going on with Miguel Dilone in 1978, when he became the only player in history to steal 50 bases without collecting a triple? I mean, he was a professional baseball player, unlike Herb Washington, the A's mid-decade designated pinch runner (1974: 92 G, 0 PA, 29 SB, 16 CS). Alright, he only had 292 plate appearances, but he did have 292 plate appearances. That's half a season and more than enough chances to take an extra base on one of his 8 doubles. Hell, in '79 Dilone collected 2 triples in 137 plate appearances. Over a full 1980 season (566 PA), he collected 9 triples! A paucity of plate appearances only explains why Dilone collected just 14(!) RBIs that year, not why he played like Pete Incaviglia on greenies.

50+ stolen bases, 0 triples

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