Friday, November 20, 2009

Rich Rodas, 1983 Los Angeles Dodgers

Never heard of Rich Rodas? Think of his career as a microcosm of Scott Williamson's record-setting season. Rodas only lasted two partial seasons in the bigs in a career that spanned a total of 9.2 innings. So what's so special about his '83 season? Think of it as Rodas making the most of the 4.2 innings available to him. If you wanted to set a record in half a game, you could try to strike everyone out (nearly impossible) or give up a hundred runs (you'd get pulled). Rodas slyly combined an attainable record with a strong performance, however, becoming the first player ever to throw five wild pitches in under five innings pitched. How hard is that? Juan Guzman holds the modern record for wild pitches in a season (26 in 1993). In 1932, Washington's Alvin Crowder threw 327 innings WITHOUT a wild pitch! Rodas seized his opportunity, delivering an ERA-WHIP split (1.93/1.500) that is among the most ridiculous in history. Who says there are no heroes left?

5+ wild pitches, 5- innings pitched

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